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Germed (Sibutramine)


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What is Sibutramine?

Sibutramine or otherwise known as Reductil is an orally administered agent for obesity treatment, weight loss and weight maintenance in adults aged 16 years and above. Sibutramine, otherwise a relatively new compound, is known to promote and maintain reduced weight in obese patients for up to 2 years. This appetite suppressing obesity treatment is particularly approved for use in people with a high BMI,







Sibutramine - Mechanism of Action

Sibutramine's mechanism of action includes affecting certain brain chemicals that cause a feeling of satiety. Sibutramine is readily available under the brand name Reductil, a prescription weight-loss obesity treatment, and promotes quick weight reduction. In fact, Reductil (Sibutramine), with its strong appetite suppressing action, when used in combination with a low-calorie diet allows for consumption of fewer calories


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